Friday, 22 May 2015

Step to it...

This evening I started machining the parts for the stepper motor mounting bracket, to complete the indexing system.

The stepper will be mounted to a square plate fixed to a tube which transitions to a round plate screwed to the existing rotary table flange. My first action was to cut a piece of 6mm thick aluminium plate with a jigsaw. I keep promising myself a plasma has to happen at some point! Next I squared this up to size on the milling machine. The plate is 56mm x 56mm, this being the standard NEMA 23 end face dimension.

Next I bored a 38mm hole through the plate in the four jaw. The idea is that this will act as a locating feature for the 38mm register on the front face of the motor. 

Still located in the four jaw, the plate was then counterbored to 48mm to a depth of 3mm. This was done to locate the tube that will join the square and round sections of the mounting. I will be welding the whole assembly together once the other parts are made.

Here is a photograph of the part thus far:-

I will hopefully get a chance to progress the mounting a bit further tomorrow. Keep checking for updates. 

Building this tool has taken me away from the actual design of the tube bundle chamber, so I intend devoting some time to that over the coming days.

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