Monday, 25 May 2015

Step it Up...

I got the round portion of the motor mounting bracket finished today. This started life as a piece of 2 1/4 inch 6082 bar. I turned this down to 56mm in the four jaw, then bored a 21mm hole in the centre to suit the rotary table driveshaft outer sleeve. 

Once the central hole was complete, a 3mm deep recess was bored to suit the cylindrical portion described in the last post.

Here is a photograph of the round section showing the central hole and the locating recess:-

Here are the parts made so far:-

And here they are assembled:-

The next tasks will be to drill the mounting holes in the round section and then mill the coupling access slot in the tubular. When it comes to the final assembly, I am starting to edge towards joining the components together with Loctite rather than welding them. All that will be a job for tomorrow!

I did some more work on the design of the tubular chamber concept yesterday. I will post this in the next few days. 

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