Saturday, 23 May 2015

A Step ahead...

I have just finished another portion of the motor mounting bracket destined for the indexer. A section of 2 inch x 10swg 6082 aluminium tube was set up in the four jaw and turned down to exactly suit the register in the square plate. Having turned the tube sides, I then faced the end to ensure it would be square with the sides.

The tube was then parted off. The length was decided by the amount of room required to mill an access slot to enable me to get at the bellows coupling grub screws, once everything is assembled. It ended up being near enough exactly 67mm.

Here is a photograph of the square plate and tube trial assembled:-

The next two pictures illustrate the fit up of the motor and the mounting hardware so far produced:-

I should get all the machining finished by tomorow, with any luck. Will I run out of step related titles for my posts? Stay tuned to find out.

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