Sunday, 2 October 2016

Thank you Iain!

You all know that the subject of this blog is amateur rocket engineering. I've always thought of myself as the most amateur of amateurs, but I'm pleased to report that my small attempts have garnered attention on the other side of the world.

Iain Finer is in New Zealand and is therefore my Commonwealth cousin, as well as a brother in the fraternity of rocket engine constructors. No slouch in the engineering department, Iain has completed an excellent regeneratively cooled liquid fuelled engine, shown below. 

Not content with his own masterful efforts, he spends the rest of his time reporting on all things reaction related, i.e. what the rest of us are up to.This he does through the medium of his superb blog "Mach 5 Low-down":- 

Iain has very kindly picked up on my tube bundle concept and has added British Reaction Research to his list of featured blogs. I have to confess that I am getting a nice warm glow from the knowledge that I am now up there with all those luminaries. Then again, it could just be that I have left the heat treatment kiln on again...

Here is Iain's completed engine, as promised. He is currently in the middle of building a test stand for this beauty, and I can't wait to see some mach diamonds:-

Thanks again Iain for your interest in my project. Now I'll have to produce something worthy of your august pages...Stay tuned.


  1. Thanks Carl! Much appreciated for the blog post, I look forward to following your efforts with great interest and also cannot wait to see your own mach diamonds!