Sunday, 31 July 2011


I just wanted to mention that when I returned home I had received a delivery of stainless steel fasteners and a new piece of workshop equipment.

I had bought a selection of metric stainless bolts, mainly M8 and M14. These are destined to play a part in the further development of the injector.

I found a new supplier for stainless fasteners. I used to use Stagonset. According to various forums, they have gone out of business. The former employees have started up again, calling themselves Westfield Fasteners. You can find them at:-

As for the workshop equipment, I now have a tilting rotary table. It is a Vertex one which I got from RDG tools:-
 I had decided to get one as I was struggling to drill perpendicular, conjoined holes with my existing one. Once I get a chance to clean the grease off it and take a photograph, you'll get to see it.

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