Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Step Off

Today has seen the completion of the stepper control box. The electronics and power supply are now mounted and wired in to the switches on the front panel.

The power supply was fitted using 6BA bolts. As mentioned in the last post, the mains lead enters the enclosure via a strain relief gland.

Here is a photograph showing the internal set up of the electronics and power supply:-

Here is another photograph showing a side view of the electronics installation:-

And finally, a shot of the completed system in it's entirety:-

The control box was connected to the stepper on the rotary table. A full functional test was successfully carried out.

With this tool now complete, attention can again be turned to the design and development of the tube bundle thrust chamber concept. It also means the end of step related punning post titles. I can almost hear your sighs of relief. 

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